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Workshop Brainstorm

posted Jan 8, 2010, 11:48 AM by Sarah Felleman
-clothing or food drives (Grade level competitions)
-club to donate to hospitals for cancer
-go out and set up a booth and promote peace dot
-host the day workers play (sophomore class project)
-let other teams use our gyms more/let other schools spend a day at castilleja
-penpal with countries in conflict (measure how many people benefit)
-clubs period dedicated to community service
-have no paper plates for a day and measure what happened/ get rid of paper plates in a public place in the lunch room
-zen garden
-we should all eat outside for lunch once a week
-once a month do a day of community service
-have a garden and measure its impact on the community
-required # of community service hours/rewards for community service
-a lot of lights are on at night